This app will allow you to purchase parking easily at lots of local places. No worries about when your time will run out. No running back to the meter with another quarter.

Everything is sent over a secured network, so all of your information is safe.

Use the Web Version!

Monetize Your Parking Spaces

Not Currently Charging for Parking? Why not charge a small fee, increase your revenue while collecting information about who is visiting your location!

Simple. Easy. Hassle Free.

Why deal with meters, credit card machines, expensive hardware that breaks? This app allows you to have very little overhead and still provide an easy parking service.


We use an industry leading payment processor. All credit card information is handled by encrypted connections directly by the provider.

Everything You Need To Know


Find a spot that has our name or logo and park there. More and more are coming!



Click the App and it will find your location and bring up your saved information.


Purchase the parking and you're all done!


We are growing our list of approved locations. If you want to utilize this app for your business parking, reduce parking overhead, and/or create an alternative revenue stream, please contact us with the form below.

Use the Web Version!

Park'n Pay

is available on both Apple and Android App Stores

Contact With Us

About Us

Park'n Pay App was started by a group of people who saw the need for a Simple, Secure, and Cost-Effective way to streamline the use of paid parking. We see the opportunity for users to easily park without hassle while providing a shared value to management.

We are currently in Beta and growing the locations of our available parking partners. We are looking for businesses, municipalities, or really any venue that has managed parking.


PO Box 21150
Tallahassee, FL 32316